Gone are the days of choosing and preparing the inexpensive Valentine’s cards for the kids to exchange at school. Actually, with three children, that caused me a bit of stress. The girls always wanted to customize their cards (they do come by that honestly), and we had to decorate a box to collect them. Now, with two of my three attending college, I have a bit of breathing space to get creative with Valentine’s Day.

My friends, rBr and kKkand I bonded years ago through our daughters’ friendships. With the girls away now, we thought it would be fun to create holiday care packages for them. We bring two or three different contributions, in multiples for each girl to have a complete box.  The three of us are of like minds with the contents we bring: they must be creative, easy, and homemade or inexpensively purchased. The “mamas” have as much fun preparing the packages as the girls do opening them. Valentine’s Day was no exception.

This is what the Valentine’s Day 2012 box contained, clockwise from top left:

  • Decorated sugar cookies, X’s, O’s and hearts, in the decorative bag with plastic window
  • “You Melt My Heart” Hot Cocoa Mix, with pink heart-shaped marshmallows
  • Peanut butter and chocolate balls in the red and white bag
  • Magic “Frog to Prince” sponge….just add water and you’ll have a prince of your own!
  • Box of Conversation Hearts…for the Day is incomplete without them
  • “See-through” Heart bag of M&M’s. Idea found on Pinterest.com
  • Bag of sweet and savory Chex Mix
  • Plastic heart-shaped box of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds

Halloween Care Package

It all started with this

And then, the Christmas Care Package

Although we send these care packages to our girls, caring for our friendship is what it’s all about as our nests start to empty.

♥ ♥ ♥