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I love discovering solutions that save me time, money and stress, and I bet you do as well! So, here you go, my top 3 tips you may not know:

Problem: Shaving cream can leaves a rusty circle on your tub or shower tile


Buy the can with a flat-top lid and store it upside down. Voila!

Problem: Prescription medicine bottles topple over in the medicine cabinet


Take the lid off an old  bottle and glue it to a tray (I use a lazy susan in my cupboard) UPSIDE DOWN. Insert the “active” bottle; no more toppling!

Problem: Polishing silver is time-consuming


Line your sink with aluminum foil. With HOT water running, dissolve 1/2 cup

Calgon Spa Bath Powder

into the sink, filling about half the sink with hot water; stir to dissolve. Dip your silver, rinse and dry. This works wonders in a hurry on sterling silver, silver plate and silver jewelry.  Be careful with your sterling silver flatware and other fine silver; sitting too long in the solution will remove not only the tarnish but the nice patina as well.

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Discovering solutions to pesky problems gives me a spring in my step. Find joy in the little things every day and you’ll find strength to deal with life’s inevitable curve balls.