What is a posse? Webster’s dictionary has two definitions:

1.  A group of person deputized by a sheriff to aid in law inforcement, and

2.  A search party.

For a more colorful definition, I consulted http://www.urbandictionary.com and found the following: “Your homies, your peeps, the gang of friends you hang out with that make you powerful.”

For my purposes, none of the above worked. So this is my stab:

Posse: The faithful band of friends called by you during times of merriment, crisis, boredom or adventure.

If you don’t have a posse, you need to get one in short order.

Notable posse activity I have witnessed:

Emergency summons to a friend’s kitchen to hear her tell of the break-up of her marriage. Tears of outrage and sadness, pledges of support abounding.

A “blow-up the grapefruit” party for a friend’s impending mastectomies. Yes, you read it right…..

Ringing in my 50th in a big way, without overlooking my daughter’s birthday with whom I share.

This past November my father passed away from Parkinson’s Disease.  My mother, my cousin (of course members of my posse) and I were with him when he breathed his last.  We were in a state of shock, and after saying our good-bye’s, departed his room at the nursing home. Standing against the wall outside the room, it struck me that we were similar to the three women at Jesus’ tomb, waiting dumbstruck with grief. Mary Magdalene was surrounded by her posse of Mary, mother of James, and Salome. Imagine the support Mary and Solame gave Mary Magdalene as she made her discovery of Jesus’s resurrection. Talk about a serious round of heavy lifting for that posse!

As we ponder Good Friday and Easter morning, remember your posse, celebrate and nurture them. You never know when you’ll need to round ’em up again!