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After a few “deep thoughts” posts, I thought I’d swing to the other end of the spectrum and highlight a few of my new favorite consumer products. Although I can be heard espousing the “less is more” mantra, I still get a spring in my step when I spy a product that is useful, well-designed (if not down right cute) and perhaps even virtuous.

ImageThe Misto Oil Sprayer is not a new product, nor is it new to me, but its use is new to me. Several years ago my foodie friend, LDD, brought this gadget to the beach with a breathless, “You HAVE to get one of these!”  She used it to spritz olive oil on anything that would stand still.  Recently on Pinterest I saw a pin from a gal showing her homemade “no-stick cooking spray” that involved filling a spray bottle with oil and water. The pinner’s reasons for making her own were her desire to:

  • cut down on processed food products
  • reduce the trash she generates, and
  • cut her grocery bill.

All of those reasons resonated with me, and then I remembered the Misto! The instructions for use are very clear and easy to follow: fill the reservoir with 1/3 cup oil. Replace and tighten the white screw cap. Pump top cap 10 times or until it resists. Then you’re ready  to spray. The pumping action must be done frequently to maintain good propulsion, but I can live with that. What I can’t tolerate any more is the ingredient in the cooking spray product called “propellant.” Ick.

Don’t you LOVE when you find the elusive solution to a problem? I’ve been searching for a GLASS (not plastic or aluminum) reusable water bottle. I found this cool bottle, the Not Plastic Bottle by Seletti, at Quirk, a fabulous gallery on Broad Street in the VCU area of Richmond. Now my urban canteen goes with me to the gym and on the road with nary a disposable thought.

How cute is this? Waiting in the check-out line last week I stumbled upon this adorable box of Barnum’s Animals decked out with Lilly Pulitzer critters. This special edition produced by Nabisco and Lilly Pulitzer honors Operation Smile, an international children’s charity. As I was cooing over the crackers,  I ran into my friend BFT and she mused that these crackers are so good that buying the generic/store brand is most unsatisfying.  Although I am a practical soul,  I couldn’t agree more, so I bought three. In researching this fun collaboration, I found out that the Lilly blog actually has a Cracker Tracker to help locate these gems. I’ll have to notify the Easter Bunny next year to consult the Cracker Tracker.  Never underestimate the power of positive packaging.

What are your favorite fabulous products? Send me an Ellegram!