While toasting my mother on her 77th birthday, I asked what sage advice she had for the rest of us. She said, “Keep moving!” Mom is a life-long swimmer and an avid walker, attributing her good health to her commitment to exercise. Living in a retirement community she sees the spectrum of active and inactive residents, and their associated levels of health and well-being. Through her lense I see the effects of exercise on aging, and it has renewed my commitment to feel healthy as the years progress.

Until recently, my exercise routine consisted of running, typically 3-5 miles per outing. Although efficient, it wasn’t as effective as it could have been. My cardio strength was excellent, my knees were so-so, and my core/ab/arm strength zilch. I tried and loved the P90X video workouts with Tony Horton (“Take in the fact you just did that”), but the arm and back segments were too much for me. Then I got some Zing into my life! My running buddy MLconvinced me to try a new workout at a gym with a young woman doing the training.  That was back in February, and I was scared to pieces thinking I wasn’t up to the workout, and thus embarrass myself.  I could NOT do even one regular push-up. Pathetic. Here’s the scoop:

Kelly McQuade is the owner and trainer of ZingFIT. Her workouts are circuit-style training: an endless combination of core, cardio, body weight and resistance training. Truly, I have never done the same workout twice. Through her boundless enthusiasm, encouragement and expertise, I discovered a new love of exercise. Although it was rough in the beginning, the nature of the workouts allow you to start at your own fitness level and progress as you stay committed. And yes, I can do pushups now, the real deals, not on my knees!

If you reside in Richmond, Virginia, you can find out more about Kelly’s classes at her Grand Opening/Open House this Saturday, July 14 from 12-4. Her new facility is located in the Tuckahoe Shopping Center at 445 N. Ridge Road. If you don’t live in Richmond, look for facilities and classes with similar descriptions to ZingFIT (bootcamp-style training is also used to describe these workouts). For more information, go to www.ZingFitRVA.com.

Regardless of HOW you get your exercise, if you want to feel healthy as you age,

Keep Moving!