Moss "Presents"

Years ago, dear friend LDD made gorgeous moss-covered “presents” as a holiday centerpiece. Well, I know a good idea when I see it, so I’m going to share the steps to make them with you.

You will need:Supplies for Moss "Presents"

Preserved Reindeer Moss (florists and craft stores carry it seasonally)

Oasis blocks

floral pins

gold ribbon

green floral wire


Step 1

Open the bag of moss, spread on newspaper, and clean out the dirt and debris that is on the underside of the moss.

Step 2

Using the floral pins, start with the largest pieces of moss and pin them to the Oasis. Don’t worry about the pins showing, the puffiness of the moss will hide the pins.


Continue pinning the moss pieces to the Oasis, covering all sides except the bottom.

Step 3

Cut lengths of ribbon and pin to finished forms and attach ribbons (I used the green floral wire to make the ribbons) with floral pins.

After the holidays, store the forms in large plastic zip-top bags in a dry place. I used mine for several years, adjusting the ribbon as needed. Only this past year did I have to toss them and remake.